Dental Radiography 6th Edition Iannucci ISBN: 9780323695503 TEST BANK


Test Bank for Dental Radiography 6th Edition Iannucci


Dental Radiography 6th Edition Iannucci ISBN: 9780323695503 TEST BANK

Test Bank for Dental Radiography, 6th Edition, Joen Iannucci, Laura Jansen Howerton, ISBN: 9780323695893, ISBN: 9780323695879, ISBN: 9780323721813, ISBN: 9780323695503

Table of Contents

PART I: Radiation Basics and Dental Image Characteristics
1. Radiation History
2. Radiation Physics
3. Radiation Biology
4. Radiation Protection
5. Radiation Characteristics
6. Dental X-Ray Image Characteristics

PART II: Equipment and Digital Imaging Basics
7. Dental X-Ray Equipment
8. Digital Imaging
PART III: Film Imaging Basics
9. Dental X-Ray Film
10. Film Processing
11. Film Mounting and Viewing

PART IV: Dental Radiographer Basics
12. Dental Images and the Dental Radiographer
13. Patient Relations and the Dental Radiographer
14. Patient Education and the Dental Radiographer
15. Legal Issues and the Dental Radiographer
16. Infection Control and the Dental Radiographer
17. Quality Assurance in the Dental Office

PART V: Intraoral Technique Basics
18. Introduction to Dental Imaging Examinations
19. Paralleling Technique
20. Bisecting Technique
21. Bite-Wing Technique
22. Exposure and Technique Errors
23. Occlusal and Localization Techniques
24. Imaging of Patients with Special Needs
PART VI: Extraoral Imaging Basics
25. Panoramic Imaging
26. Extraoral Imaging
27. Three-Dimensional Digital Imaging

PART VII: Normal Anatomy Basics
28. Normal Anatomy: Intraoral Images
29. Normal Anatomy: Panoramic Images

PART VIII: Image Interpretation Basics
30. Introduction to Image Interpretation
31. Descriptive Terminology
32. Identification of Restorations, Dental Materials, and Foreign Objects
33. Interpretation of Dental Caries
34. Interpretation of Periodontal Disease
35. Interpretation of Trauma, Pulpal Lesions, and Periapical Lesions