Early Childhood Education Today 15th Edition Morrison ISBN: 9780135754092 TEST BANK


Early Childhood Education Today 15th Edition Morrison


Early Childhood Education Today 15th Edition Morrison ISBN: 9780135754092 TEST BANK

Test Bank for Early Childhood Education Today, 15th Edition, George S Morrison, Lorraine Breffni, Mary Jean Woika, ISBN-10: 0135754283, ISBN-13: 9780135754283, ISBN-10: 0135754097, ISBN-13: 9780135754092

Table of Contents

PART 1: Early Childhood Education and Professional Development
1. You and Early Childhood Education: What Does It Mean to Be a Professional?
2. Contemporary Issues Involving Children and Families: Implications for Teaching and Learning
3. Observation and Assessment for Teaching and Learning: Effective Teaching Through Appropriate Evaluation

PART 2: Foundations: History and Theories
4. The Past and the Present: Prologue to the Future
5. Theories Applied to Teaching and Learning: Foundations for Practice

PART 3: Programs and Services for Children and Families
6. Early Childhood Programs: Applying Theories to Practice
7. High-Quality Child Care: Meeting the Needs of Children and Families

PART 4: Teaching Today’s Young Children: Linking Development and Learning
8. Infants and Toddlers: Building Strong Foundations for Life
9. The Preschool Years: Readiness for School and Life
10. Kindergarten Education: Learning All You Need to Know
11. The Primary Grades: Preparation for Lifelong Success
12. Technology in Today’s Classrooms: Integrating STEM into Your Teaching

PART 5: Meeting the Special Needs of Young Children
13. Guiding Behavior: Helping Children Become Responsible
14. Children with Diverse Needs: Appropriate Education for All
15. Parents, Families, and the Community: Building Partnerships for Children’s Success