Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Yoost ISBN: 9780323828147 TEST BANK


Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Yoost


Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Edition Yoost ISBN: 9780323828147 TEST BANK

Test Bank for Fundamentals of Nursing, 3rd Edition, Barbara L Yoost, Lynne R Crawford, ISBN: 9780323828093, ISBN: 9780443126116, ISBN: 9780323879835, ISBN: 9780323828192, ISBN: 9780323828185, ISBN: 9780323828154, ISBN: 9780323881128, ISBN: 9780323828222, ISBN: 9780323828147

Table of Contents

Chapter 01: Nursing, Theory, and Professional Practice
Chapter 02: Values, Beliefs, and Caring
Chapter 03: Communication
Chapter 04: Clinical Judgment in Nursing (NEW!)
Chapter 05: Introduction to the Nursing Process

Chapter 06: Assessment
Chapter 07: Data Analysis/Nursing Diagnosis
Chapter 08: Planning
Chapter 09: Implementation and Evaluation
Chapter 10: Documentation, Electronic Health Records, and Reporting

Chapter 11: Ethical and Legal Considerations
Chapter 12: Leadership and Management
Chapter 13: Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research
Chapter 14: Health Literacy and Patient Education
Chapter 15: Nursing Informatics

Chapter 16: Health and Wellness
Chapter 17: Human Development: Conception Through Adolescence
Chapter 18: Human Development: Young Adult Through Older Adult
Chapter 19: Vital Signs
Chapter 20: Health History and Physical Assessment

Chapter 21: Ethnicity and Cultural Assessment
Chapter 22: Spiritual Health
Chapter 23: Public Health, Community-Based, and Home Health Care
Chapter 24: Human Sexuality
Chapter 25: Safety

Chapter 26: Asepsis and Infection control
Chapter 27: Hygiene and Personal Care
Chapter 28: Activity, Immobility, and Safe Movement
Chapter 29: Skin Integrity and Wound Care
Chapter 30: Nutrition

Chapter 31: Cognitive and Sensory Alterations
Chapter 32: Stress and Coping
Chapter 33: Sleep
Chapter 34: Diagnostic Testing
Chapter 35: Medication Administration

Chapter 36: Pain Management
Chapter 37: Perioperative Nursing Care
Chapter 38: Oxygenation and Tissue Perfusion
Chapter 39: Fluid, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance
Chapter 40: Bowel Elimination

Chapter 41: Urinary Elimination
Chapter 42: Death and Loss