Investments 13th Edition Bodie ISBN: 9781264412662 TEST BANK


Test Bank for Investments 13th Edition Bodie


Investments 13th Edition Bodie ISBN: 9781264412662 TEST BANK

Test Bank for Investments, 13th Edition, Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan Marcus, ISBN10: 1264412665, ISBN13: 9781264412662

Table of Contents

PART I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The Investment Environment
Chapter 2: Asset Classes and Financial Instruments
Chapter 3: How Securities Are Traded
Chapter 4: Mutual Funds and Other InvestmentCompanies

PART II: Portfolio Theory and Practice
Chapter 5: Risk, Return, and the HistoricalRecord
Chapter 6: Capital Allocation to Risky Assets
Chapter 7: Efficient Diversification
Chapter 8: Index Models

PART III: Equilibrium in Capital Markets
Chapter 9: The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Chapter 10: Arbitrage Pricing Theory andMultifactor Models of Risk and Return
Chapter 11: The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Chapter 12: Behavioral Finance and TechnicalAnalysis
Chapter 13: Empirical Evidence on SecurityReturns

PART IV: Fixed-Income Securities
Chapter 14: Bond Prices and Yields
Chapter 15: The Term Structure of Interest Rates
Chapter 16: Managing Bond Portfolios

PART V: Security Analysis
Chapter 17: Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis
Chapter 18: Equity Valuation Models
Chapter 19: Financial Statement Analysis

PART VI: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives
Chapter 20: Options Markets: Introduction
Chapter 21: Option Valuation
Chapter 22: Futures Markets
Chapter 23: Futures, Swaps, and Risk Management

PART VII: Applied Portfolio Management
Chapter 24: Portfolio Performance Evaluation
Chapter 25: International Diversification
Chapter 26: Alternative Assets
Chapter 27: The Theory of Active PortfolioManagement
Chapter 28: Investment Policy and the Frameworkof the CFA Institute