Pharmacology 3rd Edition Fulcher ISBN: 9781455777358 TEST BANK


Test Bank for Pharmacology 3rd Edition Fulcher


Pharmacology 3rd Edition Fulcher ISBN: 9781455777358 TEST BANK

Test Bank for Pharmacology, 3rd Edition, Eugenia M. Fulcher, Robert M. Fulcher, Cathy Dubeansky Soto, ISBN: 1437722679, ISBN: 9781437722673, ISBN: 9781455738038, ISBN: 9781455706396, ISBN: 9781455777358

Table of Contents

Section 1: General Aspects of Pharmacology
1. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Pharmacology
2. Basics of Pharmacology
3. Drug Information and Drug Forms
4. Understanding Drug Dosages for Special Populations
5. Reading and Interpreting Medication Labels and Orders and Documenting Appropriately

Section 2: Mathematics for Pharmacology and Dosage Calculations
6. Math Review
7. Measurement Systems and Their Equivalents
8. Converting Between Measurement Systems
9. Calculating Doses of Nonparenteral Medications
10. Calculating Doses of Parenteral Medications

Section 3: Medication Administration
11. Safety and Quality Assurance
12. Enteral Routes
13. Percutaneous Routes
14. Parenteral Routes

Section 4: Pharmacology for Multisystem Application
15. Analgesics and Antipyretics
16. Immunizations and the Immune System
17. Anitmicrobials, Antifungals, and Antivirals
18. Antineoplastic Agents
19. Nutritional Supplements and Alternative Medicines

Section 5: Medication Related to Body Systems
20. Endocrine System Disorders
21. Eye and Ear Disorders
22. Drugs for Skin Conditions
23. Musculoskeletal System Disorders
24. Gastrointestinal System Disorders
25. Respiratory System Disorders
26. Circulatory System and Blood Disorders
27. Urinary System Disorders
28. Reproductive System Disorders
29. Neurological System Disorders
30. Drugs for Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders
31. Drugs of Abuse and Misuse